Jason's virtual collection of National Scout Jamboree Patches and Memorabilia

This page is mainly intended as a reference for myself and other collectors of National Jamboree items. I own a large portion of these items, but not all of them. Many scans have been contributed by other helpful collectors. Listed here are the varities that I have found for the mainly collected National Scout Jamboree items. I don't have pictures for all the items, but the ones listed I know do exist. If you know of other variations or types that aren't listed here then e-mail me at with a description and a scan and I will try to include them. I have not included staff issues in general to keep this list manageable and finite. I have also only partly included items such as books, first day covers, belt buckles, etc. that cought my eye. Enjoy!
Yours in Scouting.... Jason.

Click on the patch to see the list for each individual jamboree.

Also check out my collection of Mecklenburg County Council CSPs.
I have been to four Jamborees in a row now with Mecklenburg County Council
either on staff or as a scout, so I have a few Jamboree issues from there.
You can also see photos from my stint with K2BSA staff in 2001.

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